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L-Glutamine For Leaky Gut: An Essential Supplement For Healing

l-glutamine-leaky gut

Have you been diagnosed with leaky gut or intestinal permeability? Have you considered taking l-glutamine for leaky gut?

Instestinal permeability happens when the tight junctions between the intestinal walls are damaged and allow undigested particles to pass through the walls. If left untreated, it sets up an immune response in the body and can lead to auto-immune diseases like arthritis, skin issues, anxiety, and depression.

In time, l-glutamine can repair the gut and intestinal lining and is used by the cells that line the intestines as a fuel and it keeps them healthy. If you are looking to repair your intestinal permeability, it will take time and you will need l-glutamine for leaky gut.

What Does L Glutamine Do For the Gut?

L glutamine is used by the cells as their primary energy source. The lining of the cells are able to directly absorb glutamine supplements and this brings about the following changes:

  • Increased mucous production which provides a soothing effect on the intestine
  • Decreased gut permeability by tightening spaces that let the toxins in
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Stabilizes blood glucose levels that become unstable during the leaky gut
  • Reduces cell inflammation

L-glutamine is an important supplement and one of the best supplements for the leaky gut syndrome.

When taken as a supplement by athletes it can aid recovery from an intense workout more quickly.

Moreover, people with HIV or AIDS suffer from an l-glutamine deficiency. Deficiency can be corrected by l-glutamine powder or tablets.

How Long Does It Take For L-Glutamine to Heal a Leaky Gut?

When taking l-glutamine for leaky gut, it can take about six months for a significant improvement to happen. Even then, you shouldn’t give up taking l glutamine as you need to stay well. It may be a lifelong treatment.

Once the junctions in the gut loosen, it allows the entry of bacteria, in turn causing inflammation through the body. Symptoms in the gut like abdominal cramps and loss of appetite will alert the sufferer to a problem. Sometimes it is hard to get a definitive diagnosis, and tests remain vague and indeterminate.

L glutamine is the most prolific amino acid found in our body and you get it from sources like beef dairy and spinach. Once it strengthens the gut lining, it acts as a barrier decreasing digestive problems.

Daily Dose Of L-Glutamine For Leaky Gut

l-glutamine-for-leaky-gutThe dosage for l-glutamine for leaky gut should be based on body weight and can gradually be increased until you are taking 30 grams of l-glutamine a day. To space the dosage out, take about 10 grams before every meal. The L glutamine powder is preferable to pills and is a safe treatment for leaky gut.

Can I Take L Glutamine with Probiotics? 

Yes, a high-quality probiotic is essential for gut health and in conjunction with l-glutamine for leaky gut. Many of the bacteria contained in our gut are good bacteria supporting immune function, nutrient absorption, and aid neurotransmitters to synthesize.

Probiotics are in our immune systems from the moment we are born, and the baby is exposed to live bacteria in the birth canal. Once born the baby starts to produce good bacteria. So taking probiotics will improve digestive health, aiding good digestive health.

To prevent gastrointestinal disease, it is essential to choose the right strain of probiotics. It is now thought that using probiotic supplements may provide protection against inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis.

Evidence also suggests that probiotics can be effectively used to prevent diarrhea. They also reduce the pain and severity of irritable bowel syndrome attacks and may help to decrease antibiotic resistance.

Can You Take L Glutamine and Magnesium Together?

Low magnesium levels don’t usually cause problems, but if they fall too low they increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. High doses of supplements can cause abdominal cramps and diarrhea and can interact with antibiotics and other medications.

So it is not a good idea to take magnesium and l-glutamine for leaky gut together. If you need a magnesium supplement speak to your doctor about this dilemma, as it may be possible to schedule the magnesium supplement for a different time of the day, or just to take it for a short period of time, but don’t take it with l-glutamine.

Can You Take L-Glutamine and Collagen?


Collagen is the main support protein that gives our bones and cartilage strength and is a natural product that is quite safe to take with L glutamine for leaky gut. Collagen is made from bone broth and is a type of stock made from boiled bones, requiring a long cooking time to break down the bones and release the jelly-like collagen.

Collagen contains two amino acids, proline and glycine, and they are also essential in repairing damaged intestinal lining. If you can’t make the bone broth, you can take it in a supplement powder form to assist a leaky gut to mend.

If you can make and consume some real bone broth, make up a big batch from either chicken or organic bones, and put some in the freezer for use as a stock, as it is a bit time-consuming to make.

The bone broth will enhance the growth of collagen and increase your body’s levels of glycine and proline that both have anti-inflammatory properties. It will also enhance the digestive system as the gelatin found in the bone broth is a hydrophilic colloid that improves digestive juices.

It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and contains glucosamine and other compounds.

Can You Take L-glutamine For Leaky Gut With or Without Food

Always take l-glutamine for leaky gut before food, one hour before eating. If you are using the powder form, dissolve in 8 oz of water. L-glutamine is an important supplement and one of the best supplement for the leaky gut syndrome.

In terms of food, try to stick to good whole foods, lean meats, fish, eggs, and vegetables. kale spinach green salad and brown rice, carrots beans, and broccoli.

Some menus contain fermented sauerkraut, a type of cabbage that is easy to prepare and good for leaky gut.

For breakfast try gluten-free oatmeal or blueberries with Greek Yogurt (unsweetened).

Is L-glutamine safe for children?

The answer is yes as long as intake does not exceed the recommended dose.

It is also safe to take during pregnancy, and for use with preterm infants, in the correct dose. Children with certain illnesses like sickle cell anemia need large amounts of l-glutamine per day.

Five-year-olds in a study had 12,000 mg without any negative effects of the supplement. It is only a problem when more than the body needs is ingested, so the dose must be worked out by your doctor and should only be given to children under strict medical supervision.